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clean up nsContentUtils a little bit


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The actual thing I wanted to do was removing nsContentUtils's dependence on
gfx's Units.h.  But since nsContentUtils::ToWidgetPoint is used internally and
in nsDOMWindowUtils, my goal looks unattainable.  Still, there are a few useful
things to fix here nonetheless; maybe the next person who comes along will have
a better idea.
All it was doing was forwarding to the provided document, which is an
unnecessary layer of indirection.  (I suppose this might have been necessary in
the separate-libraries-for-everything days, but nowadays everything lives in
libxul, so...)
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All callers of this function are in layout/base/ and it uses a lot of
things from nsLayoutUtils, so nsLayoutUtils seems like a better fit for
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part 1 - remove nsContentUtils::GetViewportInfo

>+  /**
>+   * Retrieve information about the viewport as a data structure.
>+   * This will return information in the viewport META data section
>+   * of the document. This can be used in lieu of ProcessViewportInfo(),
>+   * which places the viewport information in the document header instead
>+   * of returning it directly.
>+   *
>+   * @param aDisplayWidth width of the on-screen display area for this
>+   * document, in device pixels.
>+   * @param aDisplayHeight height of the on-screen display area for this
>+   * document, in device pixels.
>+   *
>+   * NOTE: If the site is optimized for mobile (via the doctype), this
>+   * will return viewport information that specifies default information.
>+   */
>   virtual nsViewportInfo GetViewportInfo(const mozilla::ScreenIntSize& aDisplaySize) = 0;
The copy-paste comment obviously isn't right. It talks about non-existing arguments.
So, fix the comment. It could just mentioned in which coordinates pixels aDisplaySize is about.
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part 2 - move nsContentUtils::GetSelectionBoundingRect to nsLayoutUtils

>+  /**
>+   * Takes a selection, and return selection's bounding rect which is relative
>+   * to its root frame.
Shouldn't it be 'returns', not 'return'
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