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Remove Seamonkey of the Galician Dashboard


(Mozilla Localizations :: gl / Galician, defect)

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The Galician team will not be translating SeaMonkey anymore, because we have no human resources and no time to work on it. 

We would like the information about this project to removed from the dashboard, so we can have a clearer page. 

Thank you very much for your attention.
Do you still want to remove this? The way to remove it is to drop the locale from builds, it can't simply be removed from elmo.
Then I don't know. I have not time for translating the SeaMonkey project.

Can you remove this locale from the in-product lists?
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I don't have access. If ewong can't do it we need to ask IanN or RickyES.
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OK, this is interesting.

I don't see Galician listed anywhere

It was added here (Jan 2009)

And removed in bug 1356294 (and this bug was mentioned there…)

I checked, and Galician is the only one that was removed also from nightlies.

Does it need to be removed manually from the dashboard?
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Yes ist was removed from all SeaMonkey build files in comm-central, the downloads page and the SeaMonkey build bots config. As stated don't know about the dashboard.
I don't appear to have access to the dashboard.  IanN?
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Leaving NI open for Axel. I have access to make sign-offs, but I assume it needs to be manually removed from the DB at this point.
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Thanks for digging in, flod.

I removed gl seamonkey from the dashboard (historic data is still there, of course).

Side note, I also removed 'be' from the old-style beta seamonkey, no idea why we had two locales on that still.
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