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2 years ago
It would be nice to be able to delete an index (mostly in dev and beta), and the automation notice this, and create it again automatically.  I am not suggesting that backfill be automatic, just that the index be made with the correct schema and alias.

This is done now, but due to the number of disparate processes, multiple indexes are created, or the original is created with a default schema (not the schema intended), or both.

Is it too expensive to check, upon bulk index call, the index exists?  If we make an index, can we check that others did not do the same?  

1) Make index
2) Check for other indexes, if so, verify it is correct schema
3) Given a set of legitimate indexes, pick the oldest

How does this process work with existing index life-cycle management code?  The life cycle code picks the newest index for a given alias, in the event  multiple are found.


2 years ago
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