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(Reporter: standard8, Assigned: bobm)


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0.21.0 (2015-10-26)

- Bug 1170757 - Enabled eslint dot-location + no-empty rules for Hello
- Bug 1182079 - Fix intermittent test failure loading the Loop's ui-showcase on debug builds by extending the page load timeout, and improve the failure naming.
- Bug 1192738 - Drop the old aspect ratio calculation code now that Loop's media layout refactors have been completed.
- Bug 1193311 - Enable eslint rules for Loop: eqeqeq (for content code).
- Bug 1178393 - Countdown to zero warnings in standalone test suite.
- Bug 1194738 - Drop some obsolete pref handling from Loop, and some old room conversation styles.
- No Bug - correct comment to say 'browser', not 'tab'.
- Bug 1190442 - Visual refresh for Loop FTU panel.
- Bug 1184559 - Implement the refreshed design for the conversation toolbar.
- Bug 1189287 - Update the tooltip strings for the mute and unmute video buttons inside the Hello conversation toolbar.
- Bug 1197795 - Update Loop's library versions (eslint 1.2.1, sinon 1.16.1).
- Bug 1184917 - Implement the refreshed design for 'Edit' conversation toolbar button.
- Bug 1126733 - Brief message appears when entering a standalone room that the user is the only person in the room.
- No bug - Remove obsolete jshint files from Loop's standalone as Loop now uses eslint
- Bug 1198841 - Brief message to invite someone to join when joining a room with someone already there
- Bug 1194622 - Provide indication of loading when waiting for the room list
- Bug 1201446 - Don't expose websocket reasons to the view code where we have a specific failure detail available.
- Bug 1198891 - Tab/Window Sharing icon should turn blue when sharing is active.
- Bug 1202402 - Nothing shown on the standalone UI when a peer exits the room
- Bug 1184933 - Part 1. Implement the refreshed design for the failure view.
- Bug 1184933 - Part 2. Add the settings menu onto the failure view.
- Bug 1203529 - Bad display when starting an audio-only call to a contact.
- Bug 1196499 - Update Loop empty state for no conversations.
- Bug 1203850 - Rename Loop's srcVideoObject and related variables/attributes to clarify they are about the media element, not just the video.
- Bug 1204577 - remove invalid CSS properties from Loop/ Hello source files.
- Bug 1200689 - Style Hello 'Share' menu consistently with gear icon menu.
- Bug 1199120 - Overlapping buttons in conversation window
- Bug 1184940 - Implement the refreshed design for the edit context view.
- Bug 1184940 - Implement the refreshed design for the edit context view
- Bug 1205658 - Hello Spinner Blue should match other blue elements in Hello
- Bug 1199213 - Part 2. Remove the old css relating to standalone call-url handling from Loop.
- Bug 1199213 - Part 3. More cleanup of conversation related css after call-url code removal.
- Bug 1188771 - Inform users when they can't use the Hello service due to ToS compliance.
- Bug 1208201 - Simplify setup flows for standalone and desktop in Loop's activeRoomStore.
- Bug 1208515 - The feedback view has the incorrect blue for the Hello icon and button.
- Bug 1208466 - Part 1. Create a new ToS view for Loop's standalone, ready for integration into the handled-in-Firefox views.
- Bug 1208466 - Part 2. If an owner of a Loop link clicks their own link and join, make it open the conversation window.
- Bug 1208466 - Part 3. Fix display when opening room, and make the opened room text non-bold.
- Bug 1171962 - introduce telemetry histogram that counts the amount of sessions that exchanged one or more chat messages.
- Bug 1209078 - Part 2. If a user attempts to open their own room within Firefox when the room is already open, provide a message to inform the user.
- Bug 1204101 - Fix for Loop settings menu positioning where menu gets cropped from longer text.
- Bug 1205206 - Move Loop Standalone Terms of Service text from footer to under Join button.
- Bug 1155923 - Removing moz prefix from RTC interfaces.
- Bug 1209029 - .settings-menu .icon classes in Loop's panel are obsolete and should be removed.
- Bug 1193674 - If room context/name is unavailable, the title of the standalone is displayed as "{{roomName}} - Firefox Hello".
- No bug. Fix Loop's eslint configuration, due to fallout from bug 1203520.
- Bug 1184924 - Implement the refreshed design for the invitation overlay
- Bug 1184921 - allow custom buttons to be added to the chatbox titlebar and implement one for Hello that closes the window when clicked.
- Bug 1210331 - Clean up strings for conversations panel and conversation invite
- Bug 1204343 - Loop's accept call buttons has different heights and looks strange.
- Bug 1209592 - Fix Loop's screenshare dropdown being misplaced on large window sizes.
- Bug 1210513 - Loop's direct calls don't cancel properly if you click the hangup button on the toolbar.
- Bug 1204345 - Last letter at bottom right can be cut off.
- Bug 1172662 - ICE failures occuring in Loop conversations should be reported to the user.
- Bug 1208047 - Close the dropdown menu for sharing on Loop's conversation window as soon as an item is clicked, rather than leaving it open in a potentially confusing state.
- Bug 1211592 - The Copy Link and Email Link buttons show cursor:default, but the other buttons (Camera,Mic,Share Screen,Settings) show cursor:pointer
- Bug 1211563 - Invite buttons should be underneath "Invite a friend" text in popped-out view
- Bug 1212272 - 'make dist' for the Loop standalone doesn't update the css and supplementary files properly.
- Bug 1209632 - Removing footer from Loop Standalone, moved Logo to mediaLayoutView.
- Bug 1200693 - Modify aspect ratio so that top and bottom black bars are not seen when waiting alone in the conversation window.
- Follow-up to bug 1212272 - use the correct cp command.
- Bug 1212787 - Revert Loop's conversation toolbar button sizes due to bug 1209632 causing a visual regression.
- Bug 1212083 - Part 1. Remove the direct calls UI from Loop.
- Bug 1212083 - Part 2. Remove the unused files previously associated with direct calls.
- Bug 1201308 - Leave / Exit conversation button always present.
- Bug 1209589 - Collect Google Analytics data for users on IE 10 & 11.
- Bug 1209686 - Remove Standalone header from Loop.
- Bug 1217335 - Room context is no longer shown when loading the Loop standalone UI.
- Bug 1217369 - "Welcome to ..." has extra padding on Loop's standalone UI making it feel strange.
- Bug 1213848 - Change the Loop panel display when a user enters their own room to stop them entering other rooms
- Bug 1218405 - Change Loop's standalone background for the visual refresh/latest designs
- Bug 1218450 - The width of the tile shown on Loop's standalone when you're the only person in the room is wrong, giving a bad layout.
- Update L10n

Comment 1

2 years ago
Regarding the CSP items from bug 1139119, I think we could ship this at the same times as the report-only CSP, hence saving two releases.

Richard: Also note that this release includes bug 1208466 / bug 1209078 which provide a different UI for the standalone if a user clicks the link to the room they own.


2 years ago
Assignee: nobody → bobm
QA Contact: rpappalardo
Depends on: 1212095
will need to re-verify 0.20.0 config changes first to make sure nothing's broken, before deploying this release stage

Comment 3

2 years ago
Just to note, although 0.21.0 is on staging, I've asked Bob to redeploy with the CSP in bug 1139119 comment 34 as that should be a more complete CSP and make checking the output easier.
(In reply to Mark Banner (:standard8) from comment #3)
> Just to note, although 0.21.0 is on staging, I've asked Bob to redeploy with
> the CSP in bug 1139119 comment 34 as that should be a more complete CSP and
> make checking the output easier.

Yea, I saw.  thanks, Mark!

Comment 5

2 years ago
(In reply to Richard Pappalardo [:rpapa][:rpappalardo] from comment #4)
> (In reply to Mark Banner (:standard8) from comment #3)
> > Just to note, although 0.21.0 is on staging, I've asked Bob to redeploy with
> > the CSP in bug 1139119 comment 34 as that should be a more complete CSP and
> > make checking the output easier.
> Yea, I saw.  thanks, Mark!

An updated 0.21.0 stack with the new CSP configuration has been deployed to stage.  Closing this bug.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
verifying re-deployed stack


region: eu-west-1: 
id: i-3bac5982
tags["Type"]: loop_client
tags["AppGitRef"]: refs/tags/0.21.0
tags["Stack"]: loopclientstage1-loop-client-app-44
launch_time: 2015-11-03T23:01:22.000Z


datadog, circus, heka, nginx --> Running!

$ curl -I
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Content-Length: 191
Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only: frame-ancestors 'self'; default-src 'self'; img-src 'self' data:; font-src 'none'; frame-src 'self'; connect-src wss://* https://* https://* wss://* https://* wss://* https://*; media-src 'self' blob:; script-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval'; style-src 'self' about: 'unsafe-inline'; report-uri /__cspreporting__/
Content-Type: text/html
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2015 23:55:34 GMT
X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN
Connection: keep-alive

Request was redirected!
status code: 200 --> destination:

Response time: 0.129663
var loop = loop || {};

loop.config = {
  serverUrl: '',
  feedbackApiUrl: '',
  feedbackProductName: 'Loop',
  downloadFirefoxUrl: '\#download-fx',
  privacyWebsiteUrl: '',
  legalWebsiteUrl: '',
  marketplaceUrl: '',
  learnMoreUrl: '',
  roomsSupportUrl: '',
  guestSupportUrl: '',
  generalSupportUrl: '',
  unsupportedPlatformUrl: '',
  tilesIframeUrl: '',
  tilesSupportUrl: '',
  fxosApp: {
    name: 'Hello Stage',
    manifestUrl: '',
    rooms: false

Response time: 0.644565
    "endpoint": "", 
    "name": "mozilla-loop-server", 
    "fakeTokBox": false, 
    "fxaOAuth": true, 
    "version": "0.19.1", 
    "i18n": {
        "defaultLang": "en-US"
    "homepage": "", 
    "description": "The Mozilla Loop (WebRTC App) server"
Response time: 0.642174
    "pushServerURI": "wss://"
Response time: 0.635863

Placed several calls successfully between Dev Edition (44.0a2) and General Release (41.0.2 & 42.0) using new loop-client tag.

end-2-end test calls (shared URL) - OK
Video/audio mute/unmute - OK
messaging (from Nightly to Nighty) - OK 
Tab & window-sharing - OK
privacy & ToS links - OK
Feedback screens - OK

unit tests for 0.20.2 release - PASS

Verifying STAGE.
Blocks: 1221353
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