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Move resource chrome.manifest line for webapprt to


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Backed out to hopefully fix the Win PGO bustage so I can merge inbound.
So, the reason this failed on Windows PGO builds is subtle:
- the jar maker doesn't actually overwrite the manifests it writes out: it reads it, then seek(0), then write(), but it doesn't truncate, so if there's less to write than there was originally in the file, the old content is still there (and in the case of webapprt/chrome.manifest, that content looked like "./", which isn't a valid manifest entry on its own).
- parts of the jar maker are printing out CRLF in those files, and others are printing out CR.

It turns out the updateManifest method is essentially doing the same as addEntriesToListFile from (which, in fact, is used in other parts of the jar maker, but doesn't have the lack-of-truncate problem), so we can just use that instead.

Also, there is no reason to print out CRLF instead of CR on Windows, so let's settle on the latter.
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Use addEntriesToListFile in mozbuild.jar.JarMaker.updateManifest

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removing the b2g 2.5 flag since this commit has been reverted due to an incorrect merge, sorry for the confusion
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