Autocomplete List of To Addresses defaults to first available in dropdown



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Steps to reproduce:

Selecting an address in autocomplete drop down list and autocomplete selects the first choice ons ending the email

1. I'll type a name - 'Elizabeth' - and select the appropriate recipient
2. To field will show the correct recipient

Actual results:

On sending, the first address in autocomplete list is substituted for the to address

Expected results:

Address selected should have stuck.
Jeff, thanks for filing. We have (had) some similar bugs on record.
Bug 443185 looks similar. Can you check if it's your scenario?
I first thought of bug 131692 but that only occurs for unknown recipients, but you say you picked existing recipient from list, and TB changed that upon sending.

1) Does this bug occur in TB Safe Mode (help > restart TB with addons disabled)?
2) After selecting the correct address from AB, how did you exit from To-Input-box field? tab, enter, click in body?
3) When exactly is the wrong address substituted? Is it really after you push "Send" button, or already silently before that?
4) Can you reveal some structural details about the address which you selected, and the wrong address selected by TB? Like this:
Say your real user-selected address is Peter Good <>.
Wrong real address by TB is Paul Goodwin <>.
So you replace private data, but keep the same structure. So you tell us here:
User-selected address: John Doe <>
TB-replacement: Jim Doeboy <>
From that, we can see if the addresses are structurally similar in a way which might cause this problem.
Oh, and which version of TB does this happen on?

Comment 3

2 years ago
Hi Thomas.

443185 looks very similar.

1) I have not attempted it in safe mode - the issue is intermittent and because of when it appears to happen(at sending) it's hard to find it until after I've completed

2) I enter out of the autocomplete

3) I'll carefully watch today to see if I see the address switch to verify it is before or after the send command

4) It's happened with addresses as follows:

Smith, Sarah Jane <>
Jane Jacobs <>
(substituted first for second)

Carlos Peterson <>
Carlos Williams <>
(substituted first for second)

5) I'm running Thunderbird 38.3.0

Comment 4

2 years ago
Jeff, what have you found since comment 3?  (This really does sound like Bug 443185)
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Comment 5

2 years ago

I've found that it's been much more infrequent than before - I've only had in happen a handful of times in the last few months. Unfortunately, in those cases I have not noted if it changed prior to sending.
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