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Permaorange on beta debug after merge of Gecko 43: TestUiShowcaseUnits.test_units Waiting for Completion


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So, I've pulled mozilla-beta on Mac, and I can't reproduce this problem.

If one looks at the treeherder log, and converts the base64 screenshot blob into an image (thanks to philor for the suggestion of using data: for this), it looks like this: <>.  Which, unfortunately, appears to be identical at first glance to what happens during a successful run.

Since this is a Linux thing, I asked Phil about our current linux systems, and:

<philor> test is Ubuntu 12.04LTS
<philor> build? dunno, CentOS something maybe?

So I've been trying to get my Ubuntu 13.10 VM to install hg, and it's completely failing at that.  Looking slightly more deeply, it turns out that Ubuntu considers 14.04.3 to be its current "Long Term Support" version, presumably meaning that both the versions that I have and that our test infrastructure uses are dead in terms of ongoing support, which might be related to the failure to install hg using apt-get.  I'm sure one could install hg manually with a bit more work.

Another possible avenue to pursue would be to copy/paste the HTML out of the treeherder log into a file and see if there's anything interesting that can be inferred from looking that in Inspector or something.
It's not actually a Linux thing, that was just the log I had handy; it's failing on all debug builds.

Temporarily skipped on debug && release_build in to maybe see a little bit of green.
Which apparently didn't actually skip it.
I've done some investigations, and I've got no-where. Here's some facts:

- The builds weren't auto-clobbered on uplift (bug 1220073), but clobbering doesn't fix it.
- Running the test on my machine with debug Mac OSX passes for running just the loop directory and all the marionette-test tests.
- The test is simply loading a set of files from disk as an html page. The test is run by marionette in the build.
- A full tree comparison between the last push to aurora before the merges, and the latest push to beta after the merges, shows only the expected diffs, the main ones being the configs (

So therefore I'm thinking this is either a builder issue, tester issue, or some build issue as a result of the switch to beta. I don't see how this can be Loop specific as afaik we don't have any aurora vs beta builds switches in the Loop code - certainly not that would affect the ui-showcase.
The only other option here is to get into one of these boxes and poke around at the developer console when it is in this state, but I don't have time to see if its possible to arrange to do that today as I'm meant to be sorting out other issues from the early merge.
Never quite worked out what this was. In any case, in 45 we've now removed the ui-showcase from m-c.
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