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Provide wheel distributions for mozbase packages on PyPI


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Please could we provide a wheel archive on PyPI alongside the standard package? 
There are several advantages even if they are pure python (see )

Thanks :-)
I'm thinking the best way to achieve this is to document the recommended release process somewhere and just have people follow it the next time a new release is published? What location makes the most sense for this documentation?

The now-recommended way to release is using twine (see, which makes the steps roughly:

1) Install twine
2) rm -rf dist/*
3) python sdist bdist_wheel
4) twine upload dist/*

(Step 2 is required since clean only handles the build directory, not dist)

Optionally projects can also create a setup.cfg in the root of the repo enabling universal wheels (if the project is Python 3 compat and doesn't contained any compiled extensions), which will make the ` bdist_wheel` automatically create a universal wheel:
Henrik, I don't suppose you could upload the wheel for the mozdownload release that was just uploaded to PyPI, since it's currently sdist-only?

Thanks :-)
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mozdownload is not part of mozbase so we should better get this discussed on the appropriate github repository. Feel free to raise a new issue for it at Thanks
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Perhaps a good first step would be to document (or script) the MozBase package release/publishing process, and ensure the wheel step is included as part of that?
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