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[meta] Expanded first-run experience


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We want to be able to show different onboarding tours for different locales. Let's track that work here.
Depends on: 1220247
Depends on: 1220251
Two points that always bear repeating:

* Locales aren't regions. For example, choosing es-MX to target Mexico will target a pretty big chunk of the United States of America.

* Users don't always have good choices of locales. Carriers restrict the set of available locales because it reduces their support costs. Users are left to pick whatever they can handle.

If you really want geo-targeting, then let's think about that. If you really do want to target specific locales, or are confident that your use of a locale as a proxy for a region is good enough, then carry on!
I should also note, we do already have logic in place for finding a region for search defaults, so we could potentially try using that (although that requires a network request, and we want this to control first run, so probably not a great solution).
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Assignee: a.m.naaktgeboren → nobody
Depends on: 1232452
Depends on: 1232451
Morphing this bug to be about implementing the expanding first run experience we're working on defining here:

This should include testing different variants of our first run experience, including targeting different variants in different locales.
Summary: [meta] Custom onboarding tours for different locales → [meta] Expanded first-run experience
Blocks: onboarding
Depends on: 1238780
QA Contact: ioana.chiorean
Alias: expanded-onboarding
Depends on: 1259833
Depends on: 1259835
Depends on: 1245934
Closing this because we've finished building this experiment and will be moving to the next set of experiments in bug 1268641.
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Depends on: 1270641
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