Remove Nguyen Ngoc Trung from Planet Mozilla Interns (or contact him about his blog being hacked)



3 years ago
3 years ago


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3 years ago
Top of planet.m.o right now is:
> Planet Mozilla Interns — Nguyen Ngoc Trung: radne pantalone prodaja
>  radne pantalone prodaja

...which is a link to some weird site, which might serve malware, who knows.  The link text translates to "work pants sales" in serbian.

So, clearly his blog's been hacked. Also, looking at his blog, it looks like there's no other recent activity.

We should probably:
 (1) get his blog removed from Planet Mozilla Interns, to avoid spamming planet & since it looks like he's not actively blogging about Mozilla-related stuff (and then add it back later if it turns out he's still intending to blog about Moz things)

 (2) If possible, let him know his blog has been hacked.  (I believe I've CC'd him on this bug, so hopefully he gets a bugmail notification via email and can comment more here as-needed.)

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3 years ago
(Note, RE removing him from planet: I'm fairly sure he's not actively blogging about Mozilla stuff, because according to , his Mozilla work was a 4-month GSOC project ~3 years ago, and he's had a number of gigs at other companies since then. So, I think we're pretty safe to remove him from Planet Mozilla Interns -- but he can correct me if I'm wrong, in which case we can always add him back.)

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3 years ago
Removed in svn revision 148711, changes should be reflected on Planet within the hour; happy to add him back on request.
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