UI didn't changed based on the Metrics selection in "Launch First Time Use"



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### Description:
We can re-launch FTU from Settings > Developer > "Launch First Time Use" in Debug Category, and modify Metrics setting in the "About Firefox OS" page. After the FTU, check the Metric settings in Settings > Improve Foxfood, the setting didn't changed. And the Developer Tools option under Develope HUD is also not enabled/disabled based on our selection during "Launch First Time Use".

Note the metrics functionality is working, for example, if you change the Metrics option from None to Enhanced, then the metric information (AppUsage and Telemetry) will be sent to server normally. It's just the UI broken.

### Steps:
(If the Metrics setting is "None" originally) 
1. Navigate to Settings > Developer > click "Launch First Time Use"
2. Select "Enhanced" in the "About Firefox OS" page during FTU
3. After FTU completed, navigate to Settings > Improve Foxfood, and the metrics option didn't changed
4. Navigate back to Settings > Developer > Developer HUD > Developer Tools didn't enabled

### Expected result:
UI should be consisted with the selection during "Launch First Time Use"

### Observed result:
UI didn't changed based on the Metrics selection in "Launch First Time Use"

### Environmental Variables:
Build ID               20151101012023
Gaia Revision          c330938eadff1a2c24bf6eba8844b41ad58f31cb
Gaia Date              2015-11-02 05:32:52
Gecko Revision         https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/96377bdbcdf3e444a22aeaa677da696243b00d98
Gecko Version          45.0a1
Device Name            aries
Firmware(Release)      4.4.2
Firmware(Incremental)  eng.worker.20151101.004008
Firmware Date          Sun Nov  1 00:40:17 UTC 2015
Bootloader             s1

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3 years ago
Hi Tamara, could you help to dispatch this bug to the right person? Thanks.
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3 years ago
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Hi Iris,

I believe this is a UI refresh problem.  What's happening is the FTU is launched from the settings and the FTU sets the settings correctly, then since it's launched from settings, settings is still up.  If you close settings then when you open again, it shows the correct value.

Fred, do you have any quick advice for best method to get this refreshed and how can we detect when user comes back to the panel?  Then Russ or I can have a look.

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I thought I could simply add a SettingsListener to the 'improve firefox os' panel, which would keep the page up-to-date when the metrics level was set during the FTU flow. This works as expected (based on logging I added), however, when coming back to the 'improve' panel, the page appears to be remembering the state of the buttons before the FTU flow was invoked; when coming back to the panel after going through the FTU flow, the gaia-radio attribute handler is being invoked to 'check' the button that was checked before the FTU flow was invoked.
If you did like invest time to deal with this issue (which is only happens when test with developer > FTU panel) add SettingsListener looks fine to me. You can put code inside of SettingsCache.getSettings to a separate render function, then call it both in SettingsCache and SettingsListener.

To handle switch state properly, add `data-ignore` attribute in gaia-radio and handle the radio by code.

Since it did take some effort and its not effect end users, I don't recommend to fix it. Feel free to reopen it if you think its still important to you.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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Hi Harly,
This might need your expertise to determine if we can leave a minor issue in FTU in developer menu.
If you also think this is an issue, we can re-open it.
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3 years ago
I don't think this is a bug that will happen to ordinary users, so it is kind of low priority. However, if anyone wants to fix this bug, I am happy to do the ui-review. Thanks
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