Maintenance notification from Telia for November 19 2015



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(Reporter: dcurado, Assigned: jlaz)





3 years ago
We received the following notification from Telia.  The circuit referenced is our redundant 10GE link between PAO1 and PHX1.  We have another link from Zayo between the same two locations, show disruption should be minimal.
(probably won't be noticed)
However, pingdom will alert on a pair of our core interfaces going down.

Service request: Can you add this to the MOC calender or whatever so that the oncall person knows it is planned work?  Thank you!

PLANNED WORK (PW) Notification from TeliaSonera International Carrier

Customer: Mozilla Corporation

PW Reference number: PWIC57272
Your affected services are listed further below.

- Maintenance window:
Start Date and Time: 2015-Nov-19 07:00 UTC
End Date and Time: 2015-Nov-19 13:00 UTC
(Please note - for customers in USA: CST = UTC - 6hours, CDT = UTC - 5hours)

Action and Reason: Rerouting due to site migration

Location of work: Los Angeles, California, USA

The same information can also be found in the form of tables in the attached files.

Please note! If there is a need to manually restore your equipment as a consequence of the planned work this is outside of the responsibility of TeliaSonera International Carrier.

Affected service(s) and impact at any time during the maintenance window given above:

Service ID: IC-313132
Impact: 1 x 4 hours interruption
Assignee: nobody → jlaz

Comment 1

3 years ago
Hmm, I think we've got a hole in the process to handle these notifications.
Even though I opened a bug for the MOC, the person on call still did not know what this was
when the maintenance occurred.  i.e. they thought maybe it was an outage

Did I file the bug incorrectly?  Is there some other way we should communicate this sort of info
to the MOC?
Flags: needinfo?(lypulong)
No these are supposed to be added to the WP calendar - let me reiterate with the team when the person oncall sees the maintenance notification or bug that this should go to the calendar

Very sorry
Flags: needinfo?(lypulong)

Comment 3

3 years ago
didn't mean to ask for an apology, more like, wanted to make sure I was following the process
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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