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Issue 1:

A recent change ( caused the following strings to get introduced:

browser-privacy-cookies-cache-desc=Delete stored data (such as cookies) from from this device …
browser-privacy-cookies-cache-button=Delete Cookies & Cache

This is the first time I see an option to _delete a cache_ in any product. It does not seem to make sense though, since it would literally remove the cache itself, not its contents.

In versions up to 2.2: "Clear cookies and other/stored data" was used. Cookies and data can be either cleared or deleted allright, but a cache is generally cleared. I presume the combination of cookies and cache in one line is what lead to the choice of using "delete" here.

Proposal 1:
delete=Delete -> Clear (or use present button string for history)
browser-privacy-cookies-cache-desc=Clear stored data (such as cookies) from this device …
browser-privacy-cookies-cache-button=Clear Cookies & Cache

Using "Clear cookies and cache" is quite common for Mozilla products and would make this more consistent with the Clear history section in the same screen, including the button.

Proposal 2:
Only change:
browser-privacy-cookies-cache-button=Delete Cookies & Cache content

In this case, "Delete Cache content" makes more sense, but it will be a first use of "cache content" and the section remains inconsistent with the history section above it. Therefore I’d prefer proposal 1 (or better).

Issue 2:

There are also 2 existing cases of "dragging from the edge" that may be improved:
(settings) edge-swipe-navigation-enable-msg=Drag from the left or right edge of the screen to jump between apps.
(ftu) tutorial-sheets-tiny = Drag from the left edge of your screen to return to recently used apps.

I think using "Swipe" instead of "Drag" in both lines would be slightly better, since there is nothing to drag, and swiping is what the user needs to do. This would also be more consistent with existing strings for swiping from the bottom edge / down / up (e.g. thatsIt1Tablet-2 and tutorial-step4-large-2) etc.

(settings) edge-swipe-navigation-enable-msg=Swipe from the left or right edge of the screen to jump between apps.
(ftu) tutorial-sheets-tiny = Swipe from the left edge of your screen to return to recently used apps.
For issue 1, the same applies to these strings not mentioned above:

confirm-clear-cookies-cache-title=Delete cookies & cache
confirm-clear-cookies-cache-desc=Are you sure you want to delete your cookies and cache?

Added to proposal 1:

confirm-clear-cookies-cache-title=Clear cookies & cache
confirm-clear-cookies-cache-desc=Are you sure you want to clear your cookies and cache?
Mate, how do you think?
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After filing this bug I noticed some inconsistencies when adding/editing contact photos in Contacts (usage of "picture" while others use "photo".) "Add picture" and "Edit picture" do not get wrapped in 2.1+ and may cause truncation below the picture itself (edit-picture's text for 2.1 was likely based on addphoto's text using "picture", previously it was "Edit" only), so this needed some fix anyway for our locale (also see bug 1097956.)
This is mainly about addPhoto, edit-picture and removePhotoConfirm (the latter not visible?). See

Not sure if they fit this bug but it might be nice to have them fixed as well.
For comment 3, please file another bug under gaia:gallery to make sure its trapped by proper people.
Fred, do I understand you’d rather want to have the Photo strings changed to Picture instead? If not, I’d say gaia:contacts would be a better component.
Ooh yes contact is the right place to file related bug :)
See Also: → 1222090
(In reply to Fred Lin [:gasolin] from comment #2)
> Mate, how do you think?

Looks good to me. Thanks.
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Tina please help find right person to update the spec
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Whiteboard: [good first bug][mentor-lang=zh]
Okay, so there are two strings need to be replaced:

Issue 1: Browsing Privacy
Replace "Delete" by "Clear"

I checked the latest New Security Model spec and found that both "Clear" and "Delete" are used in "Apps & Websites" and "Browser Privacy". @Tif, can you help us to update the strings in the spec?

Issue 2: Navigation
Replace "Drag" by "Swipe"

I suggest that we can update this string directly.
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Hey guys I'm a little fuzzy on what's going on. The Security spec that I believe Tina is referencing was never implemented and there are no plans to implement it so there shouldn't have been any string changes that occurred in 2.5 aside from new strings for Tracking Protection and Private Browsing.

Is the bug commenting on something seen in a build on the device or just the spec proposal?

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We do made change on Browsing Privacy panel to make it follow the spec(Check latest foxfooding build). (except moving the Do Not Track switch in). So above comment are seen in latest 2.5/foxfood/master build on device. 

To avoid late l10n change, we will do the string change on master only.
Will this and bug 1222090 make it for master/2.6?
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Closed: Last year
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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