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We took out the graphs because they don't make sense for try, but they definitely make sense for other repos. Let's put them back in with some intelligence about what link to display in different cases. Proposal:

1. Both try -- don't show graph link
2. One try, one non-try -- show graph link for non-try only
3. Both non-try -- show graph link for both (possibly displaying two series if comparing one repo against another)
I would prefer in #3 to show them on the same graph :)
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This adds links to graphs from the compare view when you hover (both in the main compare view and the subtest view).

I decided to actually show the graphs for try as well, as I found it could be helpful since you could compare the highlighted results against the base series in context.

There are some related fixes as well:

* Graphs view now loads correctly if you provide a revision that doesn't map to a result set in a series (probably didn't happen much in the past, but can easily happen here)
* Reduce the amount of visual noise in the compare view by default (only underline things and present links on hover)


bwinton: adding you for feedback because we discussed this a bit yesterday, but don't feel obligated unless you have time
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Attachment #8682638 - Flags: feedback?(bwinton)
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I am not sure about the .css changes, I am glad to see that you handle putting both revisions on the same graph link!
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f=me with the nit that I mentioned before fixed…  ;)
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2 years ago
Commits pushed to master at
Bug 1220680 - Make detail highlighting more consistent / subtle in compare view

* low/medium/high confidence explanation now uses same tooltip as the other
* we now only underline the currently hovered row
Bug 1220680 - Fix handling of non-existent revisions in perfherder graphs

Specfically, handle the case where no resultset exists for a highlighted
revision in a series when graphs are first loaded. Note that sometimes a
revision might be valid in one series but not another.
Bug 1220680 - Add links to graphs from compare view

As long as there is at least one non-try repo in the comparison view,
we should allow users to visualize results on a graph.
Pushed with bwinton's nit addressed!
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Duplicate of this bug: 1160615
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