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Add callback after user completes Firefox Account sign-in flow


(Firefox for Android :: Firefox Accounts, defect)

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It'd be great to be able to take some action after the user finishes signing into sync (e.g. returning to the first run flow, or opening the device list if the share plane was clicked). Nick has some tips:

14:43 <mcomella> nalexander: Is there a way to have a callback once the user finishes signing into accounts via the new flow?
15:13 <@nalexander> mcomella: such functionality doesn't exist right now, but it could certainly be possible.
15:15 <@nalexander> mcomella: in Accounts.jsm, we could radiate account status changes.
15:15 <@nalexander> mcomella: or we could do it at the Java layer.
15:16 <@nalexander> mcomella: if you looka t, we already radiate state changed.
15:16 <@nalexander> mcomella: I'd be happy to add "account added" and "account removed", to facilitate places in the App reacting.
15:17 <@nalexander> mcomella: is the place for adding.
15:19 <@nalexander> mcomella: looks like we already broadcast removed, in a round-about way.  Making this more robust and tested would be a Good Thing.
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