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Steps to reproduce:

Here are some folders in my email have not been translated into Simple Chinese.

Archive -> 归档
Spam -> 垃圾

Other standard IMAP folders, like "Sent", "Drafts", are translated. I am not sure if "Spam" and "Archive" are standard folders, but Thunderbird detected them and set them as default folder of spams and archives.

I downloaded the source code archive of Thunderbird, but there is no Chinese translation files. It would be great to know how to join translation, so I will not bother too many times.


But it looks to me archivesFolderName is translated.

See "How to join this team" for how to join the zh-CN translation team!
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3 years ago
What is your e-mail service provider? These folder name works fine for my gmail.

Also, the related strings has been translated, and the "Spam" does not seem to exist a string.
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imap gmail work fine

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3 years ago
Provider is

I think Fastmail uses a different folder name from Gmail.

For "Spam", since there is no translation string, it will display the exact name of IMAP folder. Gmail's folder names are already translated on server side. So it shows translated folder names. Fastmail does not translate the name of IMAP folders on server side.

In Folder Subscription window, you can see the name of folders on IMAP server. For Gmail, it is in English. For Fastmail, it is in English.

For "Archive", though a string is translated, but it is for different purpose: archiveButton.label. The "Archives" has a string: archiveFolderName

So folder name handler does not process the folder name "Archive" to translation.
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Comment 5

3 years ago
So, this is not a translation issue.

If you need a name converter (translator), fill an new bug or make an extension.
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