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User Story

As a user I want all the notifications from Facebook or Twitter to be stacked and sorted so I can see them when I get back to my computer or when they pile up when I am looking at them. 

As user I want the most important or relevant notification s  from a provider to be stacked together. 

As a user I want Firefox to organize messages from different sites for me so that I can see them. 

As a user I want to Firefox to notify me about important things in context and as they happen, and if appropriate have the Notification stay on screen until I interact with it.


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3 years ago
This is a metabug for the Ux necessary for Firefox users to manage Notifications on-screen. This includes user stories for timing and persistence of on-screen notifications, the arrangement and recalling of  messages on-screen via stacking or sorting, and the possible need for a Notification Tray.

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3 years ago
My 2 cents: it would be great if sticky notifications just fade or collapse into a single on screen badge with a number after 10-20 seconds. This could be in the browser window or just hover in the area where they display. 

Users are trained by apps like Facebook, Twitter to see a badge with a number and to click on it to see a list of notifications. They don't interrupt users but beckon the user to click to zero it out. Users could choose to be interrupted or just have all messages collapse into the badge icon.  When you click the icon, all notifications appear as a list of notifications going into infinity as read/unread.
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