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Write a full-duplex jack cubeb backend


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Component: Audio/Video: MediaStreamGraph → Audio/Video: cubeb
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Depends on: 783733
Using compiled version of firefox with jack enabled. changeset:   363886:da66c4a05fda

Bumping this; 
 due to the fact that currently the pulse-audio bridge method favored in bugzilla comments does not work correctly (at least on my setup) with input sink patches for sites requiring mic input - no mic presence information is reported and OR worse if pulseaudio bridge is setup in non-exclusive mode (allowing pa to grab other sound devices not managed by Jack) it selects one of those inputs instead. 

Jack requires firefox to create an input sink on runtime; I think rather than have this be done on a per tab/site basis like is the case with output sources.
Sorry, I don't understand your last sentence.  What is wrong with the current duplex jack backend?  I have a set of changes coming that remove all mutexes (esp. ugly realtime thread trylock) in favour of atomic variables, with the downside that it ends up disconnecting/reconnecting the other ports every time an audio tab seeks.
Assignee: damien → nobody

We've had a jack backend for a long time now, it supports input. As far as I know, it works well.

Closed: 2 years ago
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