Add-on Manager - There's no way to tell the difference between user-disabled and safe-mode disabled add-ons




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3 years ago
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3 years ago
If you start up in safe mode, all add-ons are disabled. That's awesome.

What's not awesome is that when trying to sort out which add-on is the problem, you open up the Add-on Manager and see a list that shows all add-ons as "disabled." But there's no way to tell the difference between add-ons that are disabled by safe mode and add-ons you had already manually disabled.

Those manually-disabled add-ons cannot be the source of the problem you're debugging, but since you can't see which those are, your debugging process has suddenly gotten a lot more complicated.

Add some sort of marker or label indicating "Disabled by safe mode" or the like to each add-on as appropriate.


9 months ago
Component: General → Add-ons Manager
Product: Firefox → Toolkit

Comment 1

9 months ago
Markus, what do you think
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How likely is it that a WebExtension will be the source of a problem that requires Safe Mode to identify?
This would have been a helpful feature with legacy extensions, but with WebExtensions it sounds way less helpful. (Assuming that WebExtensions will be way less likely to cause a problem.)
(adding Emanuela as she is working on an add-on manager re-design and this could be considered as part of it.)
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(In reply to Markus Jaritz [:designakt] (UX) from comment #2)
> How likely is it that a WebExtension will be the source of a problem that
> requires Safe Mode to identify?

It depends on what kind of issue you experience. I agree that it's probably less of an issue for issues in the visual "Chrome" part of Firefox. However, for example, I am currently having an issue where a certain page I have check once in a while gets stuck in a reload-loop. Issues like that could certainly be caused by WebExtensions.

Comment 4

9 months ago
I think Markus set the needinfo incorrectly in comment 2, fixing it.
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