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change from "Firefox Input" to "Mozilla Input"



3 years ago
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Input captures feedback for a variety of Mozilla products--not just Firefox. I actually thought it was Mozilla Input already, so I was a bit surprised to find that the site I've been working on for several years was named something different. Haha!

This bug covers renaming the site from Firefox Input to Mozilla Input. This should involve the following work:

1. change the name in strings across the site
2. change the urls for pages in the wiki covering Input development
3. update the documentation

This should **NOT** involve the following work:

1. change any urls on the Input site including but not limited to feedback forms, dashboards, analyzer views, etc
Gregg pointed out that "Firefox Input" has more brand awareness than "Mozilla Input". I'm not sure how that affects normal people in this specific case since most people end up on Input to leave feedback via in-product or out-of-product links like "Give us feedback".

I checked GA and it suggests that 3 people in the last month got to Input via a search engine search.

I was thinking this could be more of an issue internally where product groups don't think of using Input for product feedback because it's named "*Firefox* Input" which makes it sound like it's feedback specifically for Firefox products.

We should figure out whether this is an issue internally or not. If it isn't, then we shouldn't make changes.

Possibly related, SUMO is titled "Mozilla Support".
I talked with some people about this and pretty sure:

1. no one cares much,

2. it might be an issue internally, but I don't think this is measurable nor do I think we'd be able to measure the impact of making the change,

3. the work involved in the change is non-trivial.

Given that, I'm going to close this out as WONTFIX.
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Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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