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Losing focus in fullscreen mode with UnityWebplayer (not in IE 11 !)


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Windows 10
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Steps to reproduce:

I'm working on a architecture project with Unity3D 5.0.2. Webplayer deploiement. OS : Win10.
Everything has always been fine with Firefox (thank you !) until the new firefox update :
- check the demo on
- toggle fullscreen

Actual results:

move the cursor near the border of the screen you'll see it will go back to the default windows cursor, so clicking in the border of the screen acts like you were clicking on the desktop. So, I lose my fullscreen on the webplayer...
OS: Unspecified → Windows 10
Hardware: Unspecified → x86_64
Component: JavaScript Engine → DOM
Blocks: gecko-games
Xidorn, is this something you could look at? Thanks.
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Keywords: regression
I cannot reproduce this issue locally (with Windows 10 and Firefox 42).

Despite that, it seems to me the Unity Web Player does not do fullscreen via the Fullscreen API, and the Firefox window does not enter fullscreen itself (which is observable if you have multiple monitor and you move the browser window to a secondary monitor before toggling fullscreen), so I don't think we have anything to do on the DOM side.

If this is really a regression of Firefox, it could be some change in the plugin part.
Component: DOM → Plug-ins
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I also cannot reproduce, @Reporter are there more detailed steps that you can provide?
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Closing this as incomplete due to inactivity and lack of response from the reporter & WFM info
Feel free to reopen the bug if the issue still reproduces on a current build.
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