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Mouse-scrolling should be better


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Steps to reproduce:

Go to any webpage.

Actual results:

Touchpad-scrolling in Nightly is amazing, much better than in any other browser, but when I scroll page by mouse, there is a big difference in comparison with Chrome or Edge.
In this film you can see difference in scrolling in Nightly with touchpad and with mouse. First I scroll page for some time with touchpad, then I scroll page with mouse (and I scroll very fast) 
(touchpad-scrolling is better than in this film, but recording uses a lot of computer resources and caused a little hanging).
In the video I don't see a difference in scrolling smoothness, but I do see a difference in the scrolled distance. Are you saying that wheel scrolling doesn't scroll far enough per wheel "notch"?
Yes. Just compare scrolling on Nightly and Chrome. In Chrome I don't need to do such many scrolls. In a couple of minutes I will post another video, this time in Chrome. Similarly, first I will scroll with touchpad, then scroll with wheel. But in Chrome it will be differently - very bad touchpad-scrolling and very good wheel-scrolling.
For some reasons I can't record the behavior in Chrome. 
Mouse-scrolling in Nightly in comparison to Chrome take less distance and with the end of single scroll there is a little break. With Chrome I can definitely much faster scroll whole page than in Nightly.
Please notice that I had to scroll the page with mouse very quickly to achieve this effect. With normal scrolling is needed to scroll significantly more time than in Chrome.
Component: Untriaged → Event Handling
Product: Firefox → Core
Component: Event Handling → User events and focus handling
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