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Escape hatch improvement: Show notification and offer download of correct APK


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In bug 1119915 we added a toast that is shown when the user installs an APK with a wrong API range (For example: API 9 APK on Android 5.0). After/while showing the toast we close the application to avoid crashes.

We want to enhance this by offering a way to download the correct APK via a notification. This is quite tricky because this heavily depends on type of build and source of installation.

Richard suggested something like this in bug 1119915:
>    if (installedFromPlay) {
>        sorry(play);
>    } else if (knownUnsupportedVersions) {
>        sorry(old);
>    } else {
>        // TODO: make a request to AUS to find out if there's a correct APK for > our parameters?
>        goHere(
>    }

Bug 1220773 tracks the work to expose getInstallerPackageName (source of installation) within Fennec.
More from bug 1119915 comment 34:

> So let's broaden the question: can we measure how often this situation is hit?
> I think we could: assume that users who care (which are the ones we want to measure!) will click through
> a notification, and let's make sure it does something useful _and_ measurable --
> * Load a page in the stock browser. We can measure that with regular web analytics.
> * Load something else (e.g., Google Play) but either go via a bouncer or send some other kind of ping.

Currently we can't use Gecko's telemetry uploader because we do not start Gecko in this situation and even if we did this build of Gecko might not run on this device (CPU ABI / bug 1222925).
The person already downloaded a nightly build of Firefox, as long as it can be done safely auto-downloading the correct build makes sense. Possibly even launching the install process?
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