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Remove Array generics


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(Reporter: arai, Assigned: evilpie)


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(Keywords: addon-compat, dev-doc-complete, site-compat)


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Array generics are non-standard SpiderMonkey extension and they should be removed.
  * Array.concat
  * Array.every
  * Array.filter
  * Array.forEach
  * Array.indexOf
  * Array.join
  * Array.lastIndexOf
  * Array.pop
  * Array.push
  * Array.reduce
  * Array.reduceRight
  * Array.reverse
  * Array.shift
  * Array.slice
  * Array.some
  * Array.sort
  * Array.splice
  * Array.unshift
Depends on: 1228975
We should probably add telemetry and then warnings.
Some of them should be used frequently (like, Array.slice, Array.forEach), and some other won't be.
searching AMO repository might give us some data.

not sure if it worth getting telemetry for each function tho.
See Also: → 1222552
What about Array.from() and Array.isArray() ? Does this bug mean anything starting with Array. or only the specific listed methods?
Array.from and Array.isArray (and Array.of) are in spec.

this bug is about non-standard static methods listed in comment #0.

Sadly some of those functions still have quite a few uses inside Firefox. If we added a warning those might go away, but would also annoy other developers.

(In reply to Tom Schuster [:evilpie] from comment #7)

Sadly some of those functions still have quite a few uses inside Firefox. If we added a warning those might go away, but would also annoy other developers.

Which other developers are using these functions?

Depends on: 1536860
Depends on: 1540396

BMO uses the generic Array.forEach, luckily they seem to provide a polyfill. The code comes from

Depends on: 1540425
Depends on: 1540444
Depends on: 1540457
Depends on: 1540149
Depends on: 1541245
Depends on: 1544834
Depends on: 1558914
No longer depends on: 1540425
See Also: → 1540425
Assignee: nobody → evilpies

Some the measured values are still extremely high, especially slice and forEach. On the other hand I haven't seen any fallout from this change on Nightly. Maybe there a lot of instances where websites already have some fallback/polyfill for other browsers.

Jason what do you think?

Flags: needinfo?(jorendorff)

Let's try it!

Flags: needinfo?(jorendorff)
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Remove JavaScript Array generics. r=jandem
Flags: needinfo?(evilpies)
Closed: 4 years ago
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