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--manifest-update does not work properly on Windows


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Calling `mach web-platform-tests --manifest-update" on Windows would change the content of the whole manifests into Windows-specific format. There are at least two issue as far as I can see:
1. it replaces all UNIX format newlines with the Windows one
2. it replaces the path slashes from '/' to '\\'
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This is the diff mercurial generates after I run "mach web-platform-tests --manifest-update". (The file is too large, so gzipped.)
Depends on: 1225909
It seems with the latest wpt, some pathes in testing/web-platform/mozilla/meta/MANIFEST.json still have wrong path separator:

   "local_changes": {
     "deleted": [],
     "items": {
       "testharness": {
-        "service-workers/service-worker/ServiceWorkerGlobalScope/close.https.html": [
+        "service-workers\\service-worker\\ServiceWorkerGlobalScope\\close.https.html": [
             "path": "service-workers/service-worker/ServiceWorkerGlobalScope/close.https.html",
             "url": "/_mozilla/service-workers/service-worker/ServiceWorkerGlobalScope/close.https.html"
I also wonder why it generates a very long list in "local_changes" in testing/web-platform/meta/MANIFEST.json
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With the current tree and the pull request in comment 3, when I run manifest-update without touching files, it now generates this diff. It has been much better than before, but there is still difference.
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OK, I'll take another look at this. I didn't actually have Windows on hand to test my patch so it's quite likely I missed something.

With this pull request, there remains only one extraordinary difference, which seems to be a case sensitive issue:
>    "local_changes": {
> -    "deleted": [],
> -    "items": {},
> +    "deleted": [
> +      "html/semantics/grouping-content/the-li-element/grouping-li-novalue-manual.html"
> +    ],
> +    "items": {
> +      "testharness": {
> +        "html/semantics/grouping-content/the-li-element/grouping-li-novalue-MANUAL.html": [
> +          {
> +            "path": "html/semantics/grouping-content/the-li-element/grouping-li-novalue-MANUAL.html",
> +            "url": "/html/semantics/grouping-content/the-li-element/grouping-li-novalue-MANUAL.html"
> +          }
> +        ]
> +      }
> +    },
>      "reftest_nodes": {}
>    },

I guess that word was uppercase when the test was created, and lowercased later, but Mercurial doesn't track the case change properly which causes this issue. Renaming the file manually could fix it without troubling Mercurial, so it's fine. But I guess in long-term we probably want to compare paths case-insensitively, given Windows and OS X both use case-insensitive file system by default.
Could you update the web-platform-tests again so that we can close this issue?
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Yeah, I'm just waiting for a couple of local patches for unstable tests to land and then I will do the update. Tomorrow, I expect.
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It seems all changes there have been merged, so I'm going to close this bug now.

Note that I found two newly added tests (from bug 1222464 part 3) were in wrong order. I fixed them in
Closed: 9 years ago
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