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"edit attachment as comment" abuses xmlserialiser


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I filed bug 121776, about edit attachment as comment truncating stuff. This was
a WFM, but heikki mnetioned that we are abusing xmlserialiser by serialising
non-xml documents.

The suggestion was to use XMLHttpRequest to grab the attachment, and then we can
just insert it twice into the <iframe>, formatted as appropriate, using
.responseText to get the actual response. In order to support browsers with no
js, the existing code would be in a <noscript> tag. The edit attachment button
shouldn't be displayed in that case, anyway, since it can't work w/o js. (Well,
it could with a round trip to the server, but thats a separate issue)
Once this is fixed, I am going fix 86012 so that it will throw an error if you
try to serialize non-XML document.
Blocks: 86012
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The problem with doing it this way is that there is no way to set the
content-type on the iframe so that the data is displayed correctly. Even if I
don't use an iframe, I don/t know if theres a way to do it

Actually, maybe has a type argument, or I could use a data url, or
something. Is that portable?
document.load() also loads XML, so it won't do.

I guess I don't understand what the problem you are describing is. What I would
expect is something like this:

1. Page loaded with JS.
2. XMLHttpRequest starts loading attachment.
3. When readyState is LOADED, you can see the attachment's mime type with
3.1 If it is not text attachment, you abort(), create iframe and set src to the
attachment URL.
3.2 If it is text, you create iframe and put responseText there once loaded (or
dynamically update it if you want for each INTERACTIVE readyState).
4. Create "Edit" button.

In case JS is disabled we'd put iframe with src there in a noscript section.

About step 4.... You could maybe have the button there earlier, disabled,
reading "Loading..." or something and then changed the text to "Edit" and enable
it once it has loaded. Currently, if you hit the "Edit" button before the
attachment is loaded it will submit the page!
Well, we know the mimetype before we start, so we can avoid the abort().

The question really is: Do we want to support "edit attachment as comment" for
non text/plain type? If we don't, then this will work. If we do, then we have to
convince the browser to display the responeText as html somehow

For step 3.2 + text/plain, we can just append text nodes to the contentDocument,
If the attachment was HTML, you could perhaps document.write responseText. But
you'd still be in trouble if it was XUL or image or anything else. I'd say
enable edit only for text/plain (patches mostly) for now, and worry about
editing other types later.
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Isn't this all horribly Mozilla-specific anyway?  Don't we have some other way
to do this stuff?
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Theres a DOM3 draft to do this, but I don't think its at the implementable stage

Since we require scripting anyway, there may be something we can do with data
urls, since I assumne all browsers which support js support that.
Right the scripting is just required for the IFRAME though isn't it?
Well, yes, but the iframe is the only part which is affected by this. Acctually,
if we only edit text/plain then we can just use document.src. The problem with
that is that then we either send two copies, or require scripting in teh first
iframe. Maybe we could serialise the inital iframe src, though.

I'll have to play with it a bit, but this won't happen for 2.16
per bbaetz's comment #9, "this won't happen for 2.16"
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Really, we could also just get the text during a CGI by making "Edit Attachment
as Comment" reload the page.

Either way, yeah, we can just assume that it's all text/plain. Right now, I hate
what the xmlserializer does to my HTML tags.
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We will no longer use XMLSerializer once bug 38862 is fixed.
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