Try to replace GeckoApp$MainLayout with something less expensive




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Follow-up to bug 1107636 comment 2:

It looks like we now have:

<OuterLayout> (a RelativeLayout)
  <view class="org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp$MainLayout"> (a RelativeLayout)
    <RelativeLayout id="gecko_layout">


MainLayout is not as easy a fix, but it seems to be replaceable by a Frame/LinearLayout combination. It gets messy though as the gecko_layout is under the tab strip, but the tab strip is contained in a browser_chrome layout. This could also be a good place for a custom layout (which could make things even more performant).


Worth noting that we should profile our changes to ensure they improve performance.
Be warned web_app has a RelativeLayout with id main_layout, which is the same id as GeckoApp$MainLayout so they'll probably need to be changed together.
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