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Skip the top of the stack for CrashStatsLogForwarder::CrashAction


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Details should show up as a crash with CompositorD3D11::HandleError signature, with the rest of the items at the top of the stack ignored (CrashStatsLogForwarder::CrashAction is a new item)
Anthony, KaiRo - until this gets closed, some of the CompositorD3D11::HandleError bugs will end up in CrashStatsLogForwarder::CrashAction instead.  Once bug 1219494 lands, there will be even more things that end up in that CrashAction method.
Bug 1219494 is about to land, do we have an idea as to the approximate timeframe for taking care of this?
Lars, we need to add CrashStatsLogForwarder::CrashAction to the prefix skiplist, can you do that?
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:kairo, adding "CrashStatsLogForwarder::CrashAction" signature to the prefix list will not generate the signature requested in Comment #0.  Adding it to prefix list would generate "CrashStatsLogForwarder::CrashAction | mozilla::gfx::Log<T>::WriteLog"    

If "CrashStatsLogForwarder::CrashAction.*" and "mozilla::gfx::Log.*" were added to the ignore list then, the signature would be "mozilla::layers::CompositorD3D11::HandleError".  If the desired signature is really just "CompositorD3D11::HandleError" then we'll have to write a new rule for that just signature to truncate the "mozilla::layers::" namespaces.  

what do you want done?
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The question is really what the gfx team needs there. Milan?
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mozilla::layers::CompositorD3D11::HandleError would be great, so it sounds like we'd want "CrashStatsLogForwarder::CrashAction.*" and "mozilla::gfx::Log.*" in the prefix list?
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For example, this report: should then show up as:

xul.dll 	mozilla::layers::LockD3DTexture<ID3D11Texture2D> 	gfx/layers/d3d11/TextureD3D11.cpp
xul.dll 	mozilla::layers::DXGITextureHostD3D11::Lock() 	gfx/layers/d3d11/TextureD3D11.cpp
xul.dll 	mozilla::layers::ImageHost::Lock() 	gfx/layers/composite/ImageHost.cpp

instead, and probably get a new bug, rather than hiding under the generic one.
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Well, we can't change the stack, only the signature. So you are saying you want the CrashStatsLogForwarder::CrashAction and mozilla::gfx::Log.* frames to be completely removed from the signatures?
That would be great!
OK, then this is up for implementation that way - sounds like we should add both CrashStatsLogForwarder::CrashAction and mozilla::gfx::Log.* to the actual ignore skiplist.

Created a PR in that should achieve this.
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Commits pushed to master at
Fixes bug 1223169, add CrashStatsLogForwarder::CrashAction and mozilla::gfx::Log to the ignore skiplist
Merge pull request #3176 from KaiRo-at/master

bug 1223169 - ignore skiplist additions for gfx error logging
Closed: 6 years ago
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