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Make searchbox style consistent across tools


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Product: Firefox → DevTools
Component: General → CSS and Themes

Hi Victoria! Is the searchbox style in the Photon guidelines the one we need to use everywhere? Are there some panels that should have a different style for their searchboxes? Thanks!

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Hi Belén! For in-content pages like about:debugging, that page has the correct styling. Search boxes inside DevTools panels should follow the more minimal style currently in Netmonitor/Console. More info:

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I could try to solve this if this is available.

For this issue, tools mentioned are the tabs in the Devtools?
I can check all occurrences of the searchbox and log here so you can check if they are all that need to be changed.


Hi Mellina, sorry again for the late reply!

Currently, the Inspector part of this is being worked on in this bug. I think Gabe mentioned he could could apply this to other areas (Style Editor, Network headers?) while he's at it. If that's the case, he might want to take over this bug.

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Refactor searchbox style to be consistent across tools. r=fvsch,gl,Honza,nchevobbe
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Refactor searchbox style to be consistent across tools. r=fvsch,gl,Honza,nchevobbe
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Followup: fix browser_inspector_search-01/06.js failures on a CLOSED TREE. r=me
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Clearing needinfo since this is fixed.

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