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Following links from resource://* listings fails


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- Open resource://app/
- Click on one of the links

Expected result:
- Link opened

Actual result:
- Nothing happens. Browser console mentions a Security Error: Content at resource://app/ may not load or link to jar:file:///...

mozregression points me to:

which points to bug 1184387 as the starting point of the breakage. Now, obviously, that was done for a good reason, so the question is how we should work around it.

A simple thing that works is to remove the <base href> from the directory listing page, but I'm not sure what implications that would have for non-resource:// listings.
So, there was an attempt to remove the base href from the directory listings in bug 358128, but that was backed out because of ftp listings, where, aiui, a 'mozilla' link on e.g. the listing would go to instead of

I don't know if had something special back then, but trying a few ftp servers, I'm always "redirected" to a url ending with a / when going to a ftp url of a directory that doesn't end with a /. And it looks like this wasn't actually happening back in the 1.5 days (I tested FF 1.5 on windows).

So I guess we may be safe to remove that base href now.
This doesn't seem to cause regressions in the test suite.
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Remove <base href> from directory listings

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I'm ok with trying it out
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