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Make the zoomed view work properly with the C++ APZ enabled

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With the C++ APZ on Fennec the zoomed view doesn't show up properly. Need to fix that up so that it works the same as without C++ APZ. The patches here will build on top of bug 1223296; they're kind of related because they affect the Gesture:SingleTap handler in browser.js, but I wanted to have a separate bug for this.
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Part 1 - Ensure that tapping a cluster doesn't send a click to content
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Part 2 - Send the right coordinates in Gesture:SingleTap

This is the equivalent of what you had to do in the double-tap handler as well.
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Local hacks to make the zoomedview appear reliably

On regular fennec as well as fennec-apz I find it really hard to make the zoomed view appear. I used this patch locally to remove of the heuristics so that I could trigger it more reliably. I used as my test page. Stashing this patch here in case I need it again later.
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