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MAP 1.2 Spec mentioned:
5.5 GetMessagesListing Function
Shall contain:

Field Opcode GET (0x03 or 0x83) M
Field Packet Length Varies M
Header Connection ID Varies M
Header Single Response Mode 0x01 C1
Header Single Response Mode Param 0x01 C2
Header Type “x-bt/MAP-msg-listing” M
Header Application Parameters

But it missed the "Header Name".

However, in 5.5.2, it mentioned "Header Name".
5.5.2 Name
This property shall be used to indicate the folder from which the Messages-Listing
object is to be retrieved. The property shall be empty in case the desired listing is that of
the current folder or shall be the name of a child folder. Thus, the value shall not include
any path information.

In addition, I missed handle Header "Name" for GetMessage to indicate HandleID, this is miserably wrong and it must be fixed, otherwise gaia cannot reply GetMessage request.

Problem Statement & Suggested Change:
In MAP 1.0 and MAP 1.1 the Name Header is Mandatory in GetMessagesListing Request.

In MAP 1.2 the header is not at all present.
Created: 14-Feb-19     by: Kyle Penri-Williams     ID: 15960
Agreed --
This is a mistake that occured when the tables were re-designed in the document. I'm not sure why the issue was fixed in MAP 1.1 and not in MAP 1.2. This is unfortunate.
Created: 14-Feb-20     by: Veit Koetting     ID: 15967
Agreed -- Aprooved
Summary: Fix missing handle id in MessagesListing and GetMessage → Fix missing Header "Name" in MessagesListing and GetMessage
Assignee: nobody → shuang
blocking-b2g: --- → 2.2r?
Blocks: 1141954
Assignee: shuang → nobody

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Firefox OS is not being worked on
Last Resolved: 3 months ago
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