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Setting cookie with leading dot in domain doesn't work


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Setting cookie with domain which has the leading dot doesn't work.

var domain = "";
chrome.cookies.set({"url": url, "domain": domain, "path": "/", "name": "api_debug", "value": "1"});

It will be probably caused by readding antoher in (sorry, the link currently does not work, e500, the general
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When I read the documentation I somehow assumed that all domains should be the opposite host-only, but it only says when "domain" is committed that cookie should become host only. "The domain of the cookie. If omitted, the cookie becomes a host-only cookie."

So I have to test Chrome again if it always adds a "." before domains. The two leading dots are definitely wrong.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1233342
(In reply to Bill McCloskey (:billm) from comment #4)
> Does the patch in bug 1210996 fix this?

I think it does, but it would be good to have the additional test either way.
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Allow leading dot in domain in cookies.set

Review of attachment 8700613 [details] [diff] [review]:

Yeah, that's true. Tom, once Kris lands his patch, can you check that the test passes without your ext-cookies.js change and then just land the test?
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The error went away, but the result is wrong. It seems to create a hostOnly cookie now. If 'domain' is specified the result is never a hostOnly cookie. As far as I can tell you can only get such a cookie when omitting it.
You're right, I got that bit of logic wrong.
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[webext] Fix the handling of domain cookies

Review of attachment 8701501 [details] [diff] [review]:

As requested, we should also land my test. The new code is really nice btw :)

::: toolkit/components/extensions/ext-cookies.js
@@ +70,5 @@
>    if (!extension.whiteListedHosts.matchesIgnoringPath(uri)) {
>      return false;
>    }
> +  if (! {

Comment that this will be a host only cookie.
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I fixed the conflicts, and checked that your tests pass after that patch. Let me know if you want me to check it in.
Sure, whenever you want.
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