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Make React's perf tools use the right console


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I'm not really sure how to do this, but it would be _super_ helpful for me right now.
React's perf tools are already included in the dev version. I got it working with the memory tool last week but never found time to show you (not sure how much it helps at a glance anyway, probably takes some time to go through and parse the data).

There was one snag, the oh-so-common console problem. It looks like the `console` that React references is not the normal window console, so `console.table` is not available, which the perf code uses to dump data. I hacked my local build to reference `window.console` and it worked.

We could probably make the browser loader use `window.console` by default (just override that global), but that whole situation seems like a mess and I don't know the implications of that (no stdout I guess).
I've confirmed that the perf tools are included in the dev version. The problem is that it doesn't get the web `console` instance, so it doesn't have functions like `console.table`. We've ran into this in several other places, and we should just fix it.

Not sure if we should fix it just for this bug (maybe forcing the global `console` to reference the right one by way of BrowserLoader) or resolve this as a duplicate of another bug which is about fixing console references generally (which I'm hoping exists)
Summary: Include react's perf tools in our react build → Make React's perf tools use the right console
I have seen this issue with other modules as well.  I think it's fine to change the global in BrowserLoader.  Will send my patch.
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Seems sensible to me. I'm a little sad we have to hack it, but it makes sense.
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