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Currently homepage looks not as good as it could be, especially the contribution history part (vertical timeline).
You have to scroll down for a long time to see the whole history, which also is not very informative.
I think that graph view or even tabbed view of the contribution history would be much better and informative.
Maybe something like GitHub contributions calendar?

It has a nice overview of the activity in the last 365 days, so one can quickly spot e.g. the most active days and click on them and show entire timeline for that day. Similarly to the Top Contributors page, which should also have filters to show acivity in say last day/week/month.

As for the timeline piece, it should be more granular: it should list activities separately (instead of grouped) in a form of something like:

- 01-01-1970 00:00 - Submitted translation "Bla bla" in project X. (linked to that translation)
- 01-01-1970 01:00 - Approved translation "Bla" in project Y. (linked to that translation)
Priority: -- → P3
I like GitHub contribution activity overview. It gives a lot of info. If it possible to do something similar, it would be great.
As part of this, we should also make sure contirbutor timeline doesn't link to disabled projects as it does now, because these links are broken (404).
Depends on: 1243086
Commit pushed to master at
Bug 1225109: Speedup contributor profile pages (#512)

Load events progressively on scroll.
Duplicate of this bug: 1324750
Quoting :MikkCZ from bug 1324750:
> On timeline, like mine, you see one one side the change with data and on the
> other the project and time. This is for me very confusing, as in my specific
> case it looks like I have made in change in Firefox Aurora at 8:01, but it
> was actually at 8:01 two day ago.
> IMO the timeline should show the timeline should show both the date and time
> on the same side (maybe where the time is now?) and probably avoid showing
> time completely if the activity is older than a day/week or some threshold,
> when the exact time is not interesting anymore compared to the date.
Add ability to filter contributor timeline by project:

Quoting Eduardo Trápani from bug 1406802:
> In a project page, say
> if I go
> to a specific contributor, let's say flod, I get all his contributions in
> all locales and projects.
> It would be nice to list just those that are related to the locale/project
> where the user was before clicking on the link.
Duplicate of this bug: 1406802
It looks like Contribution Graph is a relatively low hanging fruit (for react-based parts of the code), there's react  component:

And there are more of them (I assume).
Duplicate of this bug: 1445876
Depends on: 1473761
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