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occasional mysterious infinite spinner hangs in firefox when clicking around on


(Web Compatibility :: Desktop, defect)

Firefox 42
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(Reporter: amyhwang, Assigned: miketaylr)


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Steps to reproduce:

Go to on firefox. I'm on 42.0. Log in on Facebook and register as a developer if you're not already. Click around on the site. I usually click between My Apps and other links in the header at the top.

Actual results:

Sometimes the link click works. Sometimes, it just spins forever. A second click seems to resolve the problem. It is a problem we are seeing only on Firefox, and has been noticed by multiple people. Could use some help in diagnosing from the experts.

Here is a screencast of it happening:

Expected results:

Link clicks should never just hang forever.

I'm not sure this needs to be a security bug -- but assigning to myself for initial triage.
Assignee: nobody → miket
Opening this up per triage.
Group: core-security
I've asked Hallvord to take a look -- he's got more experience digging into fb guts than me. ^_^
I can reproduce a very similar problem relatively often on the main Facebook website - frequency is perhaps once every 30 minutes of Facebook usage, which is often enough to be annoying. It does however seem harder to reproduce when I've set up a proxy for debugging the network traffic :-/

Does Facebook use SPDY on Firefox Android? I'm wondering if this is a bug somewhere in SPDY-code.. just guessing
Hallvord, this bug was reported against Firefox Desktop -- are you having the same proxy troubles there?
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Ah right. So I was jumping to the conclusion it was about the issue that annoys me on Android - well, it might still be related I guess.. I've spent 20 minutes clicking around with proxy enabled, not seeing the problem although there often is a curious delay between the page markup being delivered and the actual rendering. I'll keep looking..
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Hi Hallvord, thanks for looking into it! Any luck?
I'm looking for the right developer to get some input.. will try to push this forward :)
I've tried to reproduce again now - in Fx 42. Unfortunately I'm not seeing the problem at all :-/
Hmm, yes I can't repro either, despite clicking around for a long time. Let me follow up with my support team (the original reporter) to see if their issue has being resolved.
Well, it seems as though this is no longer reproducible by anyone on our end, so I think this is okay to close for now. I will re-ping if (when?) the issue resurfaces.
Thanks Amy! Please feel free to ping on any related FB + Firefox issues.
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Will do. Thanks for the support!
Product: Tech Evangelism → Web Compatibility
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