In-Firefox addon search doesn't yield the same results as search on amo, and more importantly, doesn't yield the most relevant results (in Japanese)


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3 years ago
a year ago


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3 years ago
So, this morning, I wanted to install "Tree style tabs" in my Firefox, so I went to about:addons to search for it and install it from there. Since my Firefox is in japanese, I figured I'd search for the addon literal name in japanese, which is "ツリー型タブ". And while I got in return several tabs related addons, *none* of the results is the exact match for that addon, despite the search being on its actual name.

The browser console tells me the search XHR query is:

If I do the same search on amo itself, I *do* get the addon as the first result:

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3 years ago
I don't know why that last search url has appver=40.0a2, but with 44.0a2, the result is the same.


2 years ago
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a year ago
The search in the AddOns store (or whatever it is called) is overly picky. For instance, typing in 'bind keys' will fail to find an extension called 'Keybinder'. Very often, one needs to know the exact name of the addOn for which one is seaching - and, if one knew that, one might not need to search for it. I think this is a fairly major problem - no?
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