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prevent review flags from being set on mozreview attachments


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If a reviewer flags a patch r+ from bugzilla, the r+ does not get forwarded to reviewboard. Therefore the reviewer will receive a review request again when a new patch set is uploaded to reviewboard.

For example:
A patch is r+ in bug 1172796 comment 43. However, when the patch author uploads a new patch set, he needs to manually carry r+ in bugzilla in bug 1172796 comment 60. 

We need a way to carry r+ in reviewboard, or have better integration between bugzilla and reviewboard.
(FWIW, I still review mozreview patches by downloading them and looking at in an editor. That way I get similar view to the changes as what Bugzilla's "Details" gives - and that happens to easiest way for me to understand the changes.)
If the review requests come from mozreview, you might want to click the "Finish Review ..." and check "Ship it" checkbox to grant r+. This could save you from being spammed by review request mails until we get the better integration between mozreview and bugzilla.
well, often I want to add some comments too.
I should try MozReview again, but so far it hasn't helped with code reviews I do.
But it is getting better all the time, so I guess at some point it will be fine.
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This issue has also been bothering me. It's not just that obsolete review requests clutter the dashboard, but if my reviewer marks approval in bugzilla instead of mozreview, I cannot use the autolander.
I see 2 options here:

1) Disallow r+ to be granted from Bugzilla for MozReview attachments (require interactions to occur in MozReview)
2) Having r+ initiated in Bugzilla propagate to a review in MozReview

Bugzilla already has access to a valid Bugzilla API key so it can authenticate with MozReview using that, so no special account/permissions for #2 should be needed.

glob: can you please weigh in on this old bug?
Flags: needinfo?(glob)
my preference, by a long way, is to prevent review flag manipulation in bugzilla.
Component: General → Extensions: MozProjectReview
Flags: needinfo?(glob)
Product: MozReview →
Summary: R+ from bugzilla does not get forwarded to reviewboard → prevent review flags from being set on mozreview attachments
Version: unspecified → Production
Since giving r- is these days possible in mozreview, there are fewer reasons to r+/- in bugzilla.
But it is still not possible to set r+/r- back to r? nowadays. (I know updating patch would reset r- to r?, but sometimes people may want to reset it directly without updating patches, e.g. re-request review with a detailed explanation.)
Indeed, bug 1195661 will have to be fixed before we do this.
Depends on: 1195661
Duplicate of this bug: 1292692
Also see bug 1258057, which sort of solves this (the attachment details page would still exist, and we may or may not want to disable review-flag setting there).
Component: Extensions: MozProjectReview → Extensions: MozReview Integration
We are not using mozreview anymore, closing all remaining bugs.
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