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3 years ago
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3 years ago
As many do, I have a keyword search for bugzilla. I made sure to name it 'bug', a substring of the title/domain, so that the awesomebar could suggest from my history previous searches I've made.

Another of my quicksearches is for, but no domain/title substring makes sense for my brain. So it is 'wikimo' and searching from the awesomebar is significantly less awesome because "wikimo mentoring" has only one result, though I've searched for "bug mentoring" before.

Since the awesomebar recognizes keyword searches as you type (insofar as it presents a magnifying glass. I'm guessing via _matchFirstHeuristicResult), for relevance perhaps it could substitute the keyword search's domain or partial url path for the first token of the locationbar input? Then "wikimo mentoring" would find frecent history results for " mentoring" instead of finding nothing.

Maybe, to not make too much of a difference at first, it could do this only if the awesomebar results would be nearly empty or not particularly frecent?
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