Save/open modal windows don't allow dragging a file to another applications




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>>>   My Info:   Win7_64, Nightly 45, 32bit, ID 20151125030231
1. Open any application that support drag-n-drop, e.g. browser GoogleChrome
2. Create a txt file in a folder which is set as default downloads folder in your firefox profile
3. Open firefox window, press Ctrl+S to open windows modal save dialog (it will open default downloads folder)
4. Drag the file from Step 2 to the button on taskbar which belongs to application from Step 1
5. When that application's window appears on top, move mouse over the center of that window
6. Release left mouse button

 Nothing. After Step 4 the tooltip near the dragging file says
  "Pin in [Name of application from Step 1]" and it stays the same after Step 5
 After Step 6 nothing happens. Drag-n-drop isn't finished; file just stucked to the mouse pointer

 After Step 6 file should be dropped on the application from Step 1.

 Firefox is the only application that exposes this behavior, even those which have modal save dialog.
  I've tested: Notepad++, AIMP3, IrfanView, Skype, Lister (in Total Commander) and of course
  Browser Google Chrome.
 You can see on the video how Nightly fails the test and Chrome passes it.

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3 years ago
If you're going to close this bug AND the reason is "it works for me on current Nightly", please check if it's reproducible on older version mentioned in comment 0. If it's not, then this issue is more specific OR you probably misunderstood the STR. So in that case this bug should stay open.


3 years ago
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