Kiko requests CVS write access to webtools



17 years ago
17 years ago


(Reporter: kiko, Assigned: marcia)





17 years ago
<kiko> justdave: without write access to CVS, it appears I can't cvs add a file
to diff it. I'm correct, no?
<kiko> justdave: do you think I would be eligible for write access, btw?
<justdave> yeah, should be.  file a bug in requesting it, and CC me
He's a bugzilla hacker, on the review team.  I'll vouch.

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17 years ago
Fax was sent yesterday around 7pm PST. Mail should follow shortly.

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17 years ago
form received. 

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17 years ago
One clarification - is Kiko asking for checkin privileges, or just access to the 
webtools?  If you want CVS write privileges, you will need to line up some super 
reviewers as well. 

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17 years ago
Marcia: I'm requesting CVS commit access.

Well, Bugzilla doesn't have super reviewers, only reviewers (and from what I
understood the explanation, but I'll add Gerv, Myk, Zach and Jake for good measure.

I'm sending the form by mail tomorrow.

Comment 6

17 years ago
I believe that justdave's vouching is enough for webtools access as it was 
all I needed, but I'll vouch for kiko as well.

I'm the product owner for Bugzilla...  we don't use the "super-reviewer" concept
within Bugzilla/Webtools.  Only way you'll get anyone higher on the tree than me
in this situation is if you want to accept a voucher from a Netscape employee
like Myk or Asa.
Myk and Asa are not higher on the tree than you, Dave. Netscape employees have
no special priviledges here. You set the rules about who gets Bugzilla CVS
commit access. If the rule is "whoever I say", then that's fine.

well, the basis for that comment was " owns the cvs server" so if
they want more say than mine, I would guess someone at would be the
ones to say it. :-)
True, but the authority has been delegated to the super-reviewers (in the case
of Mozilla) and the relevant owners (in the case of other chunks of code.)

Marcia, what else do you still need from us for this?

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17 years ago
account activated.
Last Resolved: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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17 years ago
I've registered, but noticed that I was granted access to gila. I think the
correct server for webtools (Bugzilla, Bonsai, etc) is cvs; at least that's what
bbaetz has pointed out to me. 

Marcia: can you check this out for me? Thanks.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
That is correct, gila is the webserver.

Kiko doesn't need access to gila (though I have no objection if he does).  He
does need access to cvs with write access to mozilla/webtools

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17 years ago
Fixed, thanks Jake and Marcia.
Last Resolved: 17 years ago17 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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