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Add a Close button for tabs in Chatzilla


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I'd like to see an [X] button added to Chatzilla for "Close View".  Good place
for it would be in the bottom right corner, just above the text entry box.  It
should look like the [X] button in the tabbed browser.
probably not going to happen...  there will be a context menu on the tab, you
could close it from there.
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Probably not going to happen because it's not a good idea, or because it would be difficult to implement?
And not only the view should then be closed, but appropriate action be taken.

- if it is a channel tab, part from the channel
- if it is a DCC tab, close the DCC connection
- if it is a server tab, disconnect from the server
Make it close with Ctrl-F4 on windows platform. It is standard Windows child
window close in every other software I know of. 

Mac OS has no such standard shortcut, but Cmd-W closes tabs in tabbed browser. 
That violates the platform standard, but is quite handy.  If Chatzilla behaved
the same way, that would feel consistent to anyone who uses tabbed browser, but
very weird to anyone who doesn't.  In any case, keyboard shortcuts are bug
129771 or bug 133585 (dupes).
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Why is this "probably not going to happen"?  It's already done in the browser;
could it really be so difficult to do the same thing in ChatZilla?  It would
enhance usability quite a bit...
Depends on: 129913
Blocks: 129913
No longer depends on: 129913
A close button is definitely needed for ChatZilla. Some people don't like
keyboard shortcuts, or don't know them. Adding a close button would be a simple
way to greatly improve the usability of ChatZilla.
Product: Core → Other Applications
Note that the new View Manager (coming for CZ 1.0) which will allow
floating/docking will also add a 'title bar'-like element at the top of each
view, which will include buttons for Hide and Close Tab, and the tabs will keep
/just/ the title on them.
We should probably rework the tabs for this with things like bug 346539.
Summary: [RFE] Add a Close button for tabs in Chatzilla → Add a Close button for tabs in Chatzilla
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