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Apple Music embedded video player relies on block-level functions not yet implemented by SpiderMonkey


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The linked URL contains an embedded Apple Music video. Clicking on the play button doesn't do anything.

The reason is that the player relies on behavior that some JS engines have but others, including SpiderMonkey don't. ES6 specifies a behavior that should be web-compatible and not break (too much) existing content in Annex B 3.3[1]. Shu is working on changing our implementation to conform with that, and I *think* that should make the player work.

However, even if the change makes the current train, it'll be 3 months until it reaches release. I think it's somewhat likely that Apple Music embeddings will become more common within that time frame.

The thing is that fixing this on the content side is *really* simple: The player's minified code[2] contains "window.onbeforeunload=T;" at the end of line 716. "T" is a function that's defined in line 717, and as this all happens inside an if block, our current behavior of late-binding "T" breaks it. All that's needed to fix the player is to move the function definition above the use.

Perhaps we can contact the responsible team at Apple and have them fix the player so it's not broken for another 3.5 months?

[2] is working now in Nightly with Bug 1071646 fixed.

I filed Apple bug 23901076 to ask them to fix for our current users, and tweeted at the one known devrel person:
Whiteboard: [country-all][sitewait]
(In reply to Mike Taylor [:miketaylr] from comment #1)
> is working now in Nightly with Bug 1071646 fixed.

Unfortunately that change was backed out yesterday and will not ride the next train because a bug in Google Inbox causes that to not work anymore with the change applied. I'm pretty confident it will ride the next train, but that still means it'll be 4.5 months until Apple Music works in release FF.
Apple Devrel filed a Radar bug (23920308) for this
That embed is no longer around it seems (in any browser). But 1071646 has landed, so let's close.
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