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Now that we switched our custom test runner to mozharness in mozmill-ci we see issues with downloading various files from That all happens because buildbot does not quote the URLs in the message. Attached you can find an example of a shorter normalized build message via pulsetranslator which maps those URLs 1:1.

mozharness failure:

> 14:24:53     INFO - Downloading 43.0b8.dmg to /mozilla/code/gecko/testing/mozharness/build/Firefox 43.0b8.dmg
> 14:24:53     INFO - retry: Calling _download_file with args: (), kwargs: {'url': ' 43.0b8.dmg', 'file_name': '/mozilla/code/gecko/testing/mozharness/build/Firefox 43.0b8.dmg'}, attempt #1
> 14:24:54  WARNING - Server returned status 404 HTTP Error 404: Not Found for 43.0b8.dmg
Blocks: 1229762
I don't think the issue is that the URL isn't quoted so much as urllib2.urlopen() doesn't quote this properly.

Interestingly, urllib.urlopen() works, but urllib2.urlopen() doesn't.
As best it would need a fix on both places. Not all clients of Mozilla Pulse use mozharness and would also have to make sure to quote the url in case urllib2 is used. It would simply be nice to send out properly quoted urls.
I don't think we are going to touch buildbot a lot.
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