Youtube video is not played in-browser on particular device on Firefox 41 and 42




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ZTE Grand X In (Android 4.0.4)(x86 device)
Firefox 42.0.2
1. Open
2. Play a video

Actual result:
Video is not played
When "stagefright.force-enabled" is set to "true", issue does not reproduce
This issue is reproducing on Firefox 41 and Firefox 42; on Firefox 40 youtube app is opened
Was able to reproduce this issue only on this particular device.

This issue is NOT reproducing on Firefox 43 Beta 8

Related to latest UA changes?


2 years ago
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Hm. Is there something special about how we handle h264 on this device?

> When "stagefright.force-enabled" is set to "true", issue does not reproduce

Snorp, can you shed some light on why/when stagefright isn't used? It's possible Google is trying to feature detect something that is failing here.
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Mihai, do you have any errors in the devtools console (or ADB) when you try to play the video?

> This issue is NOT reproducing on Firefox 43 Beta 8

The patch from 1217055 was just uplifted to Beta 43 (yesterday). That actually removes the UA workarounds we had in place...
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On a pre-4.1 device (such as this), we use a very error-prone video decoding backend that uses private libraries. If stagefright.force-enabled changes things, it means this device was blacklisted or something, and we wouldn't be able to decode H264 otherwise.
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2 years ago
Nothing on android logs or web console logs
android logs:
console logs:
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Thanks Mihai... sorry for letting this slip (blame Mozlando (or actually just blame me)). If this indeed works in 43 (which ships tomorrow?), I suggest we close this as WONTFIX.

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2 years ago
This is now reproducing on Firefox 43 RC, works fine on Aurora. That's strange.
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Hm, not sure what to do here without a device I can repro on. :/
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