Updating Firefox causes places.sqlite file to be renamed to places.sqlite.corrupt




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Steps to reproduce:

I'm running Firefox release versions, 64 bit Developer Edition, and 64 bit Nightly edition.  I run them using the same profile (though not at the same time.)

I get a notice an update is available and download and apply it.  Firefox release version behaves fine.  Firefox Developer Edition and Nightly sometimes don't.

Actual results:

My places.sqlite file gets renamed to places.sqlite.corrupt, and the restarted Firefox comes up with a newly created blank bookmarks file.  If I exit Firefox, go the the profile directory, delete the newly created places.sqlite file, and rename places.sqlite.corrupt to places.sqlite, and I can reload Firefox and be back to normal.  The old places.sqlite file is valid and can be used.

Is it's relevant, I have a large bookmarks collection with thousands of entries, and my good places.sqlite file is about twice default size.

Expected results:

Places.sqlite should have survived untouched, as it *wasn't* corrupt.

What I don't understand is why the upgrade process should decide there was a problem with the places.sqlite file and rename it.  What is it looking at that makes it behave this way?

I am a long time user of Mozilla code, so figuring out what happened and recovering wasn't hard, but I shouldn't *have* to recover like this.

Can someone explain why Firefox thinks there's a problem and does this?  This isn't quite at the "abandon Firefox in disgust" level, but it's getting there.

Any additional debugging suggestions I can try to determine what's going on will be gratefully accepted.

Thanks in advance.


3 years ago
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