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Remove -webkit-border-image longhand property aliases


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While working on speccing -webkit-border-image @ <>, I noticed that my longhand props test case wasn't rendering in Edge.

I reached out to Jacob Rossi who referred me to Matt Rakow and he wrote that they were implemented in Edge, but they removed them earlier this year.

My bad for not doing my homework when I suggested we follow Edge in /o\

Daniel, not sure if it's "better" to revert your patch in Bug 1179393, or write a new one. But I have one ready in case you think the latter is OK.
(I guess the silver lining is this never made it out of Nightly/45.)
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Note to self: the commit message would be better as "Remove support for -webkit-border-image longhand CSS property aliases.", I think.
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Do you know why Edge removed them? (Do these prefixed longhands just not have enough usage to matter?)

r=me regardless. Thanks for catching this!
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(comment 3's commit message -- just adding "aliases" -- sounds good.)
Thanks for review!

(In reply to Daniel Holbert [:dholbert] from comment #4)
> Do you know why Edge removed them? (Do these prefixed longhands just not
> have enough usage to matter?)

So it's kind of embarrassing, but it turns out WebKit (and thus Blink) never shipped prefixed longhand properties. I found this out reading some super old blog posts but wanted to confirm with the Edge team in case they had some extra information. It seems like we did the same thing as MS, "Turned out we were a little overzealous in our aliasing efforts."

(I guess a funny story we can tell one day, how two non-WebKit browser supported longhand -webkit-border-image props for a brief period of time in non-release builds.)
Updating commit message and carrying forward r+.
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All the oranges in the try run appear to be unrelated intermittents, so setting checkin-needed.
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