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Steps to reproduce:

Click "bookmark this page" icon on the toolbar. Click second time to open popup window. Click Folder-field / the left side drop down menu (it defaults to "Unsorted bookmarks"). The list of most recent folders at bottom has only 5 entries. We need more.

Expected results:

for the origin of this issue.

Now as quick solution, here is what should be modified. Later, all this should not be hardcoded to the source but added to about:config.


Line 10:

Modify from "= 5" to "= 10" as plausible solution. Five is too less as indicated in the original discussion.

Comment 1

3 years ago
I don't think a fixed number is fine for this. another user may require 15 on the list.
So, there can be a button "See all" to access all folders.

Lets see what developers say about this.
QA Whiteboard: [bugday-20151130]
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Summary: More folders to Edit This Bookmark window → Add More folders to Edit This Bookmark window, or provide a button

Comment 2

3 years ago
The fixed number is ok, but the count 5 is too low for us who took time to report. The show-all option is already available: the right side button in the Folder field. But show-all is not the solution to this problem!

For me, this is about how many different projects I have at the same time. The working set of projects changes within time; some projects are permanent, some change daily.

Has anyone researched how these lists are used? How often people have to open the full list because the folder is not among the 5? How would the situation change if the list is 10? What would be the ideal value? For me, it seems to be 8 at this moment.

So, please change 5 to 10. Better keep the fix as simple as possible, for now. If the value can be put to about:config easily, that would be perfect. I have not yet examined the source codes that deep.
this would need telemetry data.
Priority: -- → P5

Comment 4

8 months ago
When you start taking telemetry data? Simpler would be just to switch the hard coded 5 to the user modifiable option. That would be good solution to the problem.

Telemetry is always interesting but what will you do if 99% of users are happy with 5? The right question is "does 10 make harm to anyone?" E.g., has someone so small screen that 10th entry would pop out of the screen.

Meanwhile, while waiting 5 to go 10, say, I have done the following: I now use less bookmark folders. I also avoid going to rarely used projects and new projects when all 5 entries are in daily use. I also use keywords which is slightly more convenient than selecting a bookmark folder from the full list. I have not created new bookmark folders since I asked help to the problem. I now use both IE and Firefox; Firefox for the projects.

For example, to the "games" bookmark folder I add all the game playing pages and the game development pages. I used to have different folders for the game rendering algorithms, for the game engine and 3D editor guides, for the GNU/Linux game development, for the game playing guides, for the game tool and installation, for the game modding per game basis (oblivion, skyrim etc). All goes now to the "games" folder.

Can Firefox be installed multiple times? One Firefox per project.
you can have how many profiles you want on a single Firefox install.
Duplicate of this bug: 668947
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