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Can't play youtube videos on fennec any more, it just spins forever


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Nightly on a Nexus 4, Android 4.2.2 with no flashplayer. In about:addons I see the OpenH264 Video Codec from Cisco. When I go to a URL like I get what appears to be the HTML5 video, but it just spins the loading icon forever. There's actually two loading icons, see screenshot.

It used to be that clicking on a youtube link would take me to the youtube app in android, but that doesn't happen any more. I don't remember when this started happening but it's not a very recent regression, I don't think.
fwiw, we've done some work to remove Youtube-specific handling so we can play HTML5 videos in the browser but I can't remember the details.

Workaround: the Android icon in the url bar should still open the Youtube app.
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Kats, if you go to is the MSE stuff enabled? Can you play H264 videos at or other youtube videos?
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This works for me on a Nexus 4. Can you still reproduce?
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> Kats, if you go to is the MSE stuff enabled?

The MSE & WebM VP9 box says it's not supported. All the other boxes are supported (HTMLVideoElement, H.264, WebM VP8, Media Source Extensions, and MSE & H.264)

> Can you play
> H264 videos at

I can play both the High Profile and Baseline Profile H264 videos on that page.

> or
> other youtube videos?

Got a specific one you want me to try?

(In reply to Mark Finkle (:mfinkle) from comment #4)
> This works for me on a Nexus 4. Can you still reproduce?

Using the link in comment 0, yes, I can still reproduce.
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The lack of MSE is probably the cause here. Did you turn media.mediasource.enabled (or related sub-prefs) off at some point? Anthony, we should always have MSE on Android 4.1+ unless prefed off, correct?
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The only media.mediasource.* pref that's false for me is media.mediasource.webm.enabled, presumably because that's the default value at

I don't remember ever touching these prefs.
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And flipping that pref to true does indeed make the video play. \o/
Anthony, what is the timeline for flipping MSE+WebM on Android?
Is this the same as bug 1233429?
(In reply to James Willcox (:snorp) ( from comment #9)
> Anthony, what is the timeline for flipping MSE+WebM on Android?

You just have to turn it on when you're convinced that a software decoder is good enough, or the alternative is bad enough.
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Let's test what happens when we turn this on for users.
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Should we uplift this?
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I think we should just let it ride unless we have tons of reports of stuff not working. Most (the vast majority) of YT videos will fall back to H264.
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