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Add all generated headers in GENERATED_FILES to EXPORTS, remove INSTALL_TARGETS rules


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bug 1160185 added handling for files listed in GENERATED_FILES to be listed in EXPORTS, like so (the ordering is not important):
EXPORTS += ['!g.h']

That patch only fixed one instance though:

We have a bunch of places in the tree right now where there are headers in GENERATED_FILES and then INSTALL_TARGETS rules in to export them:*\.h&redirect=true&case=false

We should fix these all to just list the files in EXPORTS and remove the bits.
Hi, do you think this bug is suitable for a beginner and if it is, could you please tell me how I could go about solving it?
Hi, Varun - This probably isn't a good starter bug, but if you'd like to email me and tell me a bit about your skillset I can connect you with one.
I'd like to work on this bug. Would you mind assigning it to me?
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You've got it. Ted, I'd like to introduce you to AJ; AJ, if you've got any questions about this Ted is good people, and you can needinfo him by picking "mentor".
Assignee: nobody → ajkerrigan
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Hey AJ! If you look at the dxr link in comment 0 you can see the list of places that need fixing. If you don't want to tackle them all at once feel free to file separate bugs to work on them one at a time (or a few at a time, whatever works).

If you look at the diff links there you can see what fixing a single instance of this looks like. Feel free to ping me on IRC (as ted) or email me directly if you have questions.
Add GENERATED_FILES headers to EXPORTS inside, and
remove associated rules.

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MozReview Request: Bug 1230750 - Export GENERATED_FILES headers from; r?ted.mielczarek

This set of changes looks good, thanks!
Depends on: 1242663
Waiting to request check-in until Bug 1242663 lands, so this fix won't require a clobber.
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